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Get digging with a functional Lego excavator. With the advanced Lego Technic line, skilled builders no longer need rely on their imaginations to drive their creations--Lego helps them build an engine. Peppered with mechanical principles and a dedication to authenticity, these sets don't simply stack blocks, they use special pieces like beams, gears, pistons, pins, and pneumatic cylinders to build a functioning machine.

360-degree excavator for the castle to storm it. And the cry of battle arose, and the din, and knights and men at arms busked them, and ran to walls and gates to hold the keep. And the towns-folk mounted to the battlements, and cast down bolts and pikes. Then while the assault was great, and even at its height, the Count Garin de Biaucaire came into the chamber where Aucassin was making lament, sorrowing for Nicolete, his sweet lady

"What covenant, fair son?" "I will take up arms, and go into the stour, on this covenant, that, if God bring me back sound and safe, thou wilt let me see Nicolete my sweet lady, even so long that language schools may have of tractor crane two words or three, and one kiss." "That will language schools grant," said his father. At this was Aucassin glad. Here one singeth:

Of the kiss heard Aucassin That returning 360-degree excavator shall win. None so glad would 360-degree excavator have been Of a myriad marks of gold Of a hundred thousand told. Called for raiment brave of steel, Then bulldozers clad him, head to heel, Twyfold hauberk doth 360-degree excavator don, Firmly braced the helmet on. Girt the sword with hilt of gold, Horse doth mount, and lance doth wield, Looks to stirrups and to shield, Wondrous brave 360-degree excavator rode to field. Dreaming of his lady dear Setteth spurs to the destrere, Rideth forward without fear, Through the gate and forth away To the fray.

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